Kat. Collecting YOUR characters for a game.

2015-02-21 15:51:11 by red-hara

Hey, guys.

I really need your help.

I need some characters from your dreams, to fill my game... Can you share some?



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2015-02-22 02:09:01

There are many of these. Tell me what your game is about, and I will oblige one or two.

red-hara responds:

Kat (main character) travels around dream worlds, fight greyness, meets different creatures from minds of humans.


2015-02-22 08:47:18

Here's a quick one.

red-hara responds:

Thank you. Really.


2015-02-22 14:06:37

Awful at pixel art so I'll just tell you one.
Tall, stocky man wearing a heavy black trench coat and a black homburg, sloped so you can't quite make out his face under the shadow. A black vest under the trench, a black shirt under that, with a purple tie. Formal posture, and rarely speaks.

red-hara responds:

Thank you, kind sir.


2015-02-23 01:02:38

Seems interesting, a game with a dream hopper! How about a pirate penguin?

red-hara responds:

Will be included.
Thank you.


2015-02-23 03:43:39

There are seven of them. I drew some on DeviantArt but that is one of the sites I've given up for Lent. What I'll do is, when I'm able, I'll redraw them, name them and describe them as best as I can. That okay?

When are you aiming to get this game out, anyway?

red-hara responds:

Unfortunately I can't name my deadline.


2015-02-24 15:34:02

I had a dream witht this girl a few months ago...
If you want more of her you can PM me, it will be my pleasure to take the trouble of animating her off your hands.